Love, Booth Aster Wings

The Feeling: Love
The Facts: I had a period where I really needed it. In the preparation and painting of Love, I explore the good and the bad sides of love. I realize that it was fear creating the bad. In this, it is love.  Without the fear. This is the love of friendship, the love I felt from my father in a song that was a favorite of mine at school that I later heard was his, one that reminds me to trust that the love is there when I need it, the some that my mother tells me was ‘their song’ and several that came into my life as gifts of love.
The music of Love: Stand by Me by Ben King, Dancing Shiva by Sacred Earth, There is a Place by Wild Roses, Enya’s Only Time, Shined on Me by Praise Cats, I Danced in the Morning sung by Salisbury Cathederal Choir and Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love with You

Oil on Canvas

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