Meditation Mandala at the World Food Day

Award Winning City Square Mall

Commissioned for World Food Day 2014
8 hr performance

Intention: To appreciate how blessed we are to have good food.

Food is wonderful. Yet 30% (get stat) is wasted in the supply chain, then a further 20% is thrown out as wastage or expired food. This in a world where millions of people starve and even in rich countries we have food deserts where people can’t access fresh food, living off highly processed food.
This 8 hour performance installation used the concept of the mandala, a sacred image and built up a 4 tier mandala from expired food. On the top of the mandala was a living rice plant.

Mandalas have three phases of creation: 

Breath In: the creation of the mandala by the team and some passing shoppers. The Meditatrix or goddess of Food arrives to consider the life force of good food.
Appreciate the Yin and Yang: The community began to participate in the building. Children tipped over two huge boxes of expired food to use it to decorate the mandala. Their energy and joyous mess was balanced on the other side of the mandala by a group of professional chefs who considered the look and feel of what they were creating. The Meditatrix continues to meditate of healthy food for all.
Breath Out: The MC invited the Meditatrix to awake, starteling some of the children who had thought she was a human sized doll. The food and what is left is explored as release phase, the cleaning up and clearing away began.