Micronissimo Art Events

Lhasa Tibet (2014)
Pompeii Italy(2016)
Athens Greece (2016)

Intention: to explore, interact and enjoy life as an artwork.
Part travel, part art, part philosophy of life, these pop-up events are short conversational performances. They work with what is there, explore a life question of the moment and on occasion create a physical work.
Artist Note: While much of my art is very intentional, even planned and conscious, I’ve learnt to appreciate and allow the serendipitous way that sometimes (ok frequently), something else happens. Paints mix and flow in an unanticipated way, the fabrics fall differently, my hand jiggles like someone else has held it for a moment, and piece shifts from a controlled mechanically perfect work to a living piece.
The Micronissimo structure is my way of exploring the wonder of neat things happening unexpectedly and creating. Given that much of life is like this, the performance element responds to what is actually happening in the moment. With modern technology, this is hugely fun as we can connect across time and space and co-create together.
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