Money & Meaning

Upcoming 2017

Upcoming Work (2017)
Intention: Expand our view of money, meaning and the well lived life.
I’ve seen how much of my life and others is tied up in the Money Thing. At one end of the scale, working and worrying about worth, on the other end, the Wealthy, it’s what is worth doing.
This set of works explore money and meaning from multiple dimensions for new perspectives on money, a healthier relationship with money and a sense of lightness to what otherwise can be a fraught topic.
Artist Note: At the personal level, as I work on the concept phase of this piece, I’m noticing I’m reflecting on some of life’s big questions:

  • Can I truly now and not wait for later?
  • What will my children’s future hold?
  • How do we pass on our values?
  • Have I gone as far as I can?
  • Why retire?
  • Is 60 the new 40?
  • Can I truly make a difference?