Strategy as Behavior

Annual Leadership Conference held at 5 Star Hotel

Commissioned for Global MNC 2016
Intention: To show critical new behaviors in action as the strategy shifted
Strategy is good, but as most executive know, it is only as good as the actions, values and decisions take by people. Instead power-point and a leadership workshop, we created a play to show leaders from 8 countries what it could look like. Our intention - to create a safe space for them to see, test and take on new behaviors for the new strategy.
Not your traditional artwork, as a creative process writing this play and co-directing it pushed me to integrated the executive leadership and change management work of my Joanne side with the creative work of Booth Aster. It also provided a beautiful metaphor for life as both art and collaboration. 
Artist Note: As a long time meditator, I’ve seen how things I create in my mind show up in my life. Much of my personal art is to speed up this in-the-world-creation though making art that represents what I’m looking for and reminds me in the busy-ness of life just what I’m about when I look at it.
To use this artistic process as a deliberate tool for organizational transformation and strategy implementation was personally rewarding. 
For further details on what customized performance installations can do to engage employees, improve strategy and accelerate value delivery, contact Booth Aster or Joanne.