Value and Values

Museum of Art and Design

Commissioned for Voila 2016
30 days + 30 min performance

Awards: Best Concept Voila 2016
Intention: To explore the reaction to generosity, value and values
Using pre-loved luxury, this series of Wings explored how in a rich city, people with beautiful things would give to create beauty or to send it to a charity known that 70% of clothes contributed to charities and relief end up as landfill or have it up for sale and left unsold. Each of these decision reflecting what they valued. Some gave generously of old luxury clothes that could be converted to art, others gave generously of their time to create the performance element.
Blurring the lines between art and fashion, the Wings were worn as fashion at the Museum of Art and Design.
Laurel, YSL, Emiglio Zenga and others become nameless, transformed into wings, creating winged beings, whose role as the opening runway in the international designer show was to inspire the audience to reflect of what they valued.

Artist Note: in creating Wings, I frequently work with pre-loved clothes. In this set, focusing on luxury allowed a distinct touch of ‘we value it even more’ yet how is it really treated? Stuck in a cupboard unused or once it’s out of fashion or slightly blemished seen as worthless.
At the other end of fashion, fast fashion is designed to get clothes into the hands of consumers much like fast food – quickly and cheaply. It’s disposed of in the same way. Thrown out, it is a major contributor to land fill. Its production process drives done cost to us as consumers often at the price of below living wages for garment workers or damage to local environments through the dying process.
I wanted to create another avenue to appreciate the quality, beauty and possibility of luxury materials as I explored the broader Wings theme of transformation.