The Vision Wall

Booth Aster Living Wall
Strategic Review

Commissioned for Rachel House 2014
2 day art + strategy workshop + Vision Wall art work
Intention: To enable leadership team to adjust to new strategic opportunities while staying true to founding values.
Art: The Vision Wall is a co-created piece expressing the important elements of the future and those working to create it. This Vision Wall is displayed in the Board Room of the Rachel House Foundation.
Background: Rachel House was established in 2006 to help provide palliative care for dying children who could not afford hospitals or care in Jakarta. In 2014, their ground breaking work in community based palliative care had been recognized and studied by WHO internationally and the Governor of Jakarta who had recently been elected at President of Indonesia. The Founder was asked to contribute to the National Transition Plan.
One outcome was a clear interest in seeing the work and learning of Rachel House in a form that the national health system could use widely across 300+ hospitals, communities and included in the national health curriculum.
For the leadership team, this was all new and a much bigger strategic game.They needed to work out how to understand this, choose the best strategic response, manage limited resources against priorities, and deal with the natural emotional stress of this change for the Rachel House team who were very close to their direct mission of helping those in their care.
The Founder and I explored and decided use Art and Strategy together to provide what on the surface looked like team building but was designed to acknowledge recent stresses, honor values to be retained and express what the future could look like. The result was the Vision Wall (art) fully owned by the leadership team and the Strategic Plan (strategy document) understood and executable by the leadership team.
Art and strategy have a role together.
Artist Note: this was an amazing experience. To help a group of people see art as more than play, for them to realize that it was both therapy and creation was powerful.
Everything personal is created twice. It is first created in the mind as an idea, then it is created in the world. For teams, everything is created 3 times: first in the mind, then in mutual understanding and finally in the world. Perhaps really strategy is really art in action.
Update: 2 years later, Rachel House has continued to deliver on its direct mission of caring for dying children and has rolled out a full curriculum for the Indonesia Health System.
Community: A group of entrepreneurs donated art supplies to create ‘Your Life Art Canvas Kits’ so that the nurses could take art quality materials to the children under their care. The children can create a painting which they can keep for their family or share as part to the bigger vision wall. These art works will outlast the lives of the children.