• About the Series: Soaring with Wings

    Jan 2017

    Have you ever dreamed of flying?
    I did. Then I stopped.
    I began to be sensible and rational and tuned out from intuition and my quiet internal wisdom.
    Eventually, when I burnt out. Again.

    I began meditating. After a while, I reconnected with me. I could feel my...

  • About the Series: Living with Feeling

    Dec 2016

    Every found that you yearned to feel something but simply couldn’t?

    This was me when I burnt out from work. I simply felt exhausted.

    I’d go into town and have the energy for one errand.

    Walking 200 meters to another shop was too much.

    I’d catch a taxi back...

  • Passion in Spain

    May 2016

    Oh, I know I'm meant to be modest about my own art, but wow, when I see Passion on this wall in Spain... I fall in love again.

    Factoid: Passion is off to the 'New Values' Exhibition, in Zaragoza.

  • Why Buy Art?

    Mar 2016

    Or How to feel rich and get art even if you don’t have $300 million.

    ‘When will you marry’, Gauguin asks as he paints.

    An investor paid $300 million for these Tahitian beauties last year.

    What it takes to buy art? How do I make sure I get something that is...

  • Art for the Asia Pacific Speakers

    Mar 2016

    Oh! Asia Pacific Speakers - Singapore asked me to share the art at 'the Speech'. Honored to be able to support them!
    Totally wonderful to be there are artist and speaker (once the nerves were done)

  • Prayer flags, colors and more

    Sep 2014

    Prayer flags, colors and more. Two more wings inspired... had to shop! Actually, as side from photos, this is all I've bought... wings supplies.

    Oh! these will be amazing!


  • Be Visible as Artist

    Jul 2014

    To get out and be visible as the Artist.

    To enjoy it. To share the adventure!

    Photo (Steels Island Tasmania) as the breeze was fantastic,

    the light great and I feel the itching to run along the sand.

  • Wonderful Ladies

    Jun 2014

    Joy from a day of 'The Art of Living' with the wonderful ladies of Rachel House.

    Amazed at the creation of the Rachel House Hospice Team and Lynna Chandra.

    Thank you for having me facilitate!