About the Series: Living with Feeling

Every found that you yearned to feel something but simply couldn’t?

This was me when I burnt out from work. I simply felt exhausted.

I’d go into town and have the energy for one errand.

Walking 200 meters to another shop was too much.

I’d catch a taxi back home as I was too tired to wait for the bus.

I’d get home and collapse, listening to music. It helped me relax and feel a bit more centered.

I was seriously wiped out climbing the corporate ladder.

Mostly I felt nothing. Numb.

I yearned to feel alive, to feel vibrant.

When I painted, music was on in the background. One day, I was challenged… could I paint the music?

Link to another blog: Now, I’ll let you into a secret, creating something totally new is a process. I sunk myself in to music (research!). I created concepts and simple sketches to explore ideas (exploration). Idea #18 felt different. I tried out variations on this (experiments) to see what would create impact, what would connect and even on how to do it (execution).

Finally, I then created my first ‘vibration’ (create). It was Vibration Uplift which you can find in the Living With Heart series.

Each new Vibration goes through a similar process of:

  • Curate: select the feeling and the music
  • Concept: develop a ‘prototype’ to see what it will feel like.
  • Create: paint the Vibrations.

This takes between 3 – 5 layers and a between 1-4 weeks depending on the size

Connect: prepare the original art for it to be enjoyed.

I worked out how. It was a creative adventure.

It turned into a meditation. Each line a stroke of color, of light, of feeling.

I wanted to feel joy, so I found songs that felt joyous. Then I went for Passion. Bliss. Ecstasy.

I painted these as I needed them. I hope you enjoy them. And that they bring you Passion, Joy, Bliss and Ecstacy.

Since then, I’ve grown and looked for more feelings!

Now, sharing these pieces, visit our Art Shop.  

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