About the Series: Soaring with Wings

Have you ever dreamed of flying?
I did. Then I stopped.
I began to be sensible and rational and tuned out from intuition and my quiet internal wisdom.
Eventually, when I burnt out. Again.

I began meditating. After a while, I reconnected with me. I could feel my wings.
I was asked if I could make wings. In real life.
Stunned, I said yes, provided I make the ones that inspire me.

These first wings, 6 meters across, flowing orange of sunrise and new life. They are perfectly balanced. They are in my living room to remind me to dream big and believe I can.

I create wings as they express the soul, the part of us we forgot as adults.

Sometimes they are created for a particular client, other times, something in me says ‘create’. Then only later, the person comes to me for wings and they see them. And one speaks to their soul.

The challenge of wings. Wings are different. They are both art and inspiration. They are art and engineering.

How wings are created: They begin with a sense that wings are needed.

I work with pre-loved luxury clothes, beautiful, carefully made but now unwanted. I use pre-loved materials to give them new life. The transformation from unloved and forgotten to glory returned takes me back to the moment I realized I’d once had wings and forgotten them.

I take a piece, like a silk dress or a Laurel suit and meditate. I get a sense of what it can become.

Then comes an engineering phase. I design the underlying structure. I work out, source and test materials. What sort flow do they need? Where shall the balance be? Do they need to be translucent? Where is strength required?

Each set of wings must balance. I test them hanging from a single point. One set of wings took 3 weeks to balance.

They must float from the wall. They must flow. These wings are alive awaiting you.

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