On the surface, I’ve done it all.
I have an Oxford education, became a successful banker, climbed the corporate ladder and eventually became a consultant helping change makers execute their vision.
But despite that, I felt that somewhere along the way I lost myself. I burnt out.
One day I walked into an art gallery. There was a painting. It connected me to who I wanted to become. It now hangs on my wall and reminds me to live my secret dreams.
The truth is, my heart yearned for creating … a hint of an idea, that becomes a messy mix of structure, color, flow in paints, water, fabrics and more to finish as something more.
When I make art, when I reflect on what is art and what is a life well-lived, that’s when I feel most alive.
Simply, art is how I reconnect with my soul.
And more than anything, my question for you is, how do you connect with yours?
My art in some way explores that existential question.
My hope is that my art connects with different parts of your soul… your joy, bliss, frustration, inquisitiveness – whatever it may be.
I work with various mediums to “find into the essence” of different aspects of life…
Wings so you can soar and become yourself again (View Shop Collection)
Oils that captures the rhythm and emotion buried within songs… and within yourself (View Shop Collection)
Water colours to share the stories of simple things like rice (View Shop Collection)
Sculptures that contemplate money, relativity and life choices
Performances that explore some of the questions of life (and business)
…All to see things with new eyes.
You could say I’m a concept artist who deconstructs life so you can think differently and reflect deeply about your journey as a soul on the planet.
Because throughout life we end up selling parts of ourselves without realising.
We HAVE to get back in touch with ourselves.
Art happens to be my thing, how do you get back in touch with yours?
What I find absolutely magical is how creating something that touches my soul can touch yours too.
I once read that an artist is a “visionary capable of materialising his own vision while currently expanding our own”.
And that artists somehow transform a personal experience into a universal one where the viewer is so deeply brought into the creation that their consciousness is actually expanded.
That is how I feel about art.
I hope you can find something here (Shop Art) that makes you feel the same way too.
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Booth Aster is a conceptual artist pulling from all modes of inspiration (wings, music, money, love, passion, ecstasy, success, etc.) to transport and transmute the realms of perception and consciousness. Her art is an extension of her work as a change-maker – it pushes people to reflect and feel deeply so a shift can happen. Embracing every element of creation, transformation and helping people live their vision, Booth also speaks, consults and runs workshops on money, meaning and the bigger picture life and business over on JFlinn.com, her corporate alter ego.
Booth has exhibited in the USA, Spain, Germany, and in the Museum of Art and Design (MAD) in Singapore. Her work ‘Voluptuousness of the Soul’ was shortlisted for Harper’s Bazaar’s Art Prize.
She is a best selling author in the UK, Australia and the USA. Her next book ‘The Book on Wings, how to enhance your luxury home, hotel, boardroom or museum’ is due out in 2017.