I create wings to RECONNECT TO the part of us we forgot

Wings are inspiration and engineering.

Gaia's Wings

Displayed at the ArtScience Museum in 2017.

When TEDx asked for an artwork to fill the 5 story high foyer of the ASM,
I thought about the big questions I’d been exploring at Oxford the week earlier.
At the Oxford Futures Forum, we were considering long range scenarios, climate change and the role of the arts.

800cm x 500 cm

Voluptousouness of the Soul

Short Listed for Harper’s Bazaar Annual Art Prize


Flight of Creation

Silk wings from an up-cycled Jiva dress. Detail.

Loved this dress, with its inner feminine and flow.


Playful Power

Organza with Nigerian hand dyed fabric

I bought this fabric while reconnecting with my childhood in Nigeria.



Laurel suit now are wings.

I bought this suit for a meeting with a CFO.
It resulted in $250,000 of business for me
and several billions for them.



Traditional embroidered kabayas from Malaysia and Indonesia.

I was invited to Harper’s Bazaar’s first Art Awards in Asia in 2017.
This set of wings hangs balanced in 3 dimensions.
It took 3 weeks to achieve this.


My Wings

The first set I created.

600 cm x 400 cm x 15 cm


 Artist in Residence at


Have you ever dreamed of flying?
I did. Then I stopped.

I’d followed the sensible rational path*  tuning out intuition and my quiet internal wisdom.
Eventually, I burnt out. Again.

I began meditating. After a while, I reconnected with me. I could feel my wings.

In real life, I was asked if I could make wings.
Stunned, I said yes, provided I make ones to inspire me.

These first wings, 6 meters across, flowing orange of sunrise and new life. They balance perfectly. They remind me to dream big and create.

*I like science and data. HBR talks about the Soul of a StartUp and the cost of it’s loss, so do I. See HBR July 2019.


The original orange organza wings
6m x 3.5 m 2005
Me and a friend at my solo exhibition in 2015

Curious how wings are created?

I being with you, where you are now, where you wish to go.

When it’s an inspiration piece, I begin with pre-loved luxury clothes.

I use pre-loved materials to give them new life. The transformation from forgotten to glory returned takes me back to the moment I realized I’d once had wings and forgotten them.

I take a piece, like a silk dress or a Laurel suit then meditate. I get a sense of what it can become.

Next is an engineering phase. I design the underlying structure. I work out, source and test materials. What sort flow do they need? Where shall the balance be? Do they need to be translucent? Where is strength required?

Each set of wings balances.

I test them hanging from a single point. One set of wings took a full 3 weeks to balance.

I intend them to float from the wall. I create them to flow.

And then, you and I together explore your wings.

Wings await you.



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