If you are interested in acquiring the complete set of 50 Vibrations, this work will be complete in Q3 2019.

This work is designed to be installed as a powerful cultural statement piece either handing in an atrium, a as a single set on a wall. It may also be an integrating work across several floors where each floor features a subset of the vibrations.

Please register your interest through the contact form below and I’ll have my secretary set up a mutually convenient time to explore acquisition and installation options.


I’m delighted you are interested in collecting one of these magnificent pieces. Let me know the one you are interested in below either by name or description and my secretary or I’ll get back to you to work out acquisition options.


Each of these works requires specific precision handling to install. Depending on where you are located, this would be through a trusted installation partner or myself bringing the artwork to you and supervising its installation.

Share the details of your interest here:

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